Improving Higher Education Quality in Jordan using Mobile Technologies for Better Integration of Disatvantaged Groups to Socio-economic Diversity

Project number: 561527-EPP-1-2015-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

The Project

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The project is aiming the development of an adaptive curriculum in engineering education that is based on digital learning resources for mobile devices, responds to the requirements for modernization and accessibility of the Jordanian high education system to improve the educational integration of disadvantaged learners in the educational system - groups in risk whose special needs or socioeconomic status significantly restrict their ability for adequate education.


  1. Strengthening the institutional capacities of the 3 Jordanian universities.
  2. Increasing the quality of the Jordanian higher education system by promoting the adoption of the MDR Model as a model for a wider reform of the education in the domain of engineering education for people with special needs.
  3. Conclusions about the effectiveness of using mobile technologies for disadvantaged groups.


  1. Analysis of user needs in different contexts and existing curriculum at three Partners universities. Study, oriented toward assessing the extent of use of m-technologies by the specified groups of learners and opening opportunities for their inclusion in the learning process.
  2. Mobile Digital Resources (MDR) Model - supports the didactic features of mobile technologies in order to adapt them to the training conditions of disadvantaged groups of people
  3. Designed educational scenarios:
    • Use of mobile technologies to expand training opportunities for students with special needs;
    • Use of mobile devices for distant training of socio-economic disabled people.
  4. Developed and adapted mobile applications and digital educational resources, implemented across a range of disciplines in the field of engineering education and across institutions, for the needs of disadvantaged groups education and training.